Ebb Tide

some pictures and things from the past

NOT MY SECRET...My story...My truth

I cleaned my closet and found this:

Oh my, I was so tiny!!! And my head was so big!

I thought I had sent all of these things back to my parents and was surprised to discover a plastic bin with some things in it stuffed in the back of my closet.

Little me !

I started waterskiing when I was 4. I did my first ski show when I was 7. I found a yearbook stashed in the bin. Here I am in the yearbook (blocked out my brother’s face), everything was about skiing. I was 15 hear with my brother.

On the other side of the page was an article about my brother and me and all of our waterskiing accomplishments at the young age of 15.

So I started looking through the yearbook. I was quite surprised to read some of it. There were a lot of…

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