Lemon squares and puppy dog tails

what we do and don’t need from our mothers

NOT MY SECRET...overcoming the shame of sexual abuse

My mom took me on a mother daughter weekend the  week before I was put in a mental hospital after attempting suicide. I remember sitting in the hotel wondering what this gesture would accomplish. One trip to the beach was not going to rekindle any sort of trust or bond with her. But she tried. I will give her that.

I was sitting here this morning thinking of Christmases past. The one when she got me that record player I wanted so badly, the doll clothes she made by hand for my favorite dolls, the go-cart, and the happy memories. After our Christmas we would drive to Nana’s one mile away and sing happy birthday do Jesus, something my dad always did, and celebrate again with Nana. I remember my mom hauling us to all of the school functions, basketball and football games, cheerleading practices, etc. She was as involved…

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