Making things up.

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NOT MY SECRET...My story...My truth


The process of painting the deck was a long one. It was originally stained and to stain it again it would have had to be sanded. It was much less labor intensive to just paint it. It still needed to be pressure washed which took 5 hours and then we needed to wait 7 days for it to dry out before it was painted. The wood was exposed because the stain had worn away. It was not protected. Watching him paint over it was very relaxing. It took 3 hours to paint. To see the warn away and raggedy looking deck get a coat of protection was soothing somehow. It wasn’t just covering up something that was old. It was just protecting something the way it needed to be. A coat of protection. The outcome was a renewed brightness.

I feel old and worn. I want a new coat of protection.I…

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