statistics on abuse

some stats on internet crimes against children in our town

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Link to an undercover operation done in my town. Watch the video linked to it.
The statistics on how many get sexually assaulted is so inaccurate. This article above gives some real numbers.  I wish there were an accurate number. I wish we could take a private poll across the nation. Send a poll to every household and ask to confidentially write if that person had been molested, raped, at any point in their life. The whole…1 out of 4 would be out the window. it would be 3 out of 4 or 4 out of 4. Then would society change? Would that number open the eyes to all of those living in denial? If you knew your little boy or little girl had almost a 100 percent chance of being molested would you do anything differently? The percentages are higher than anyone could ever imagine. We dont have…

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