The repulsiveness of pornography

After watching a recent episode of Grey’s anatomy when they focused on it being ok to have pain involved in sexual pleasure I thought it appropriate to reblog this as I am reading through all of my old blog posts and “remembering the last 2 years”. I disagree with Grey’s anatomy take on this subject.

NOT MY SECRET...overcoming the shame of sexual abuse

Obvious triggers*

I was introduced to porn by a child predator as a little girl. I was shown pictures. I was shown videos. I was held down and I was dominated. I know how this feels first hand. I am NOT okay with porn, S&M, nude magazines, graphic sexual movies, or anything that falls under those catergories. There is no way to know if these women have been forced, are being trafficked, have been previously raped, or are currently being raped in any pornographic movie.

Women’s bodies are not to be used in such a manner for entertainment and for money.

Our bodies are not meant to be used.

Our bodies are not meant to be watched by others  for sexual gratification.

And what about the men. How do we know they are there by their own free will in pornographic movies? Men are raped and forced into prostitution and…

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3 thoughts on “The repulsiveness of pornography

  1. I feel this is one reason some men will not respect women. It happens from Weinstein all the way down to the average guy. Most of the people I know believe it’s perfectly fine, and laugh at my ideas of women being used as sex objects, so I completely agree with you.

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