The repulsiveness of pornography

After watching a recent episode of Grey’s anatomy when they focused on it being ok to have pain involved in sexual pleasure I thought it appropriate to reblog this as I am reading through all of my old blog posts and “remembering the last 2 years”. I disagree with Grey’s anatomy take on this subject.

NOT MY SECRET...My story...My truth

Obvious triggers*

I was introduced to porn by a child predator as a little girl. I was shown pictures. I was shown videos. I was held down and I was dominated. I know how this feels first hand. I am NOT okay with porn, S&M, nude magazines, graphic sexual movies, or anything that falls under those catergories. There is no way to know if these women have been forced, are being trafficked, have been previously raped, or are currently being raped in any pornographic movie.

Women’s bodies are not to be used in such a manner for entertainment and for money.

Our bodies are not meant to be used.

Our bodies are not meant to be watched by others  for sexual gratification.

And what about the men. How do we know they are there by their own free will in pornographic movies? Men are raped and forced into prostitution and…

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7 thoughts on “The repulsiveness of pornography

  1. I feel this is one reason some men will not respect women. It happens from Weinstein all the way down to the average guy. Most of the people I know believe it’s perfectly fine, and laugh at my ideas of women being used as sex objects, so I completely agree with you.

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  2. Thank you for posting this. I’m sorry this happened to you. Our society’s view on sex has completely got out of hand leading to the rise of human trafficking as well. I hope people will see that it’s not a victimless thing to watch. They’re hurting themselves and others. The more awareness there is and the more we talk about the harmful effects, the better. I hope you will continue to bring this issue to the light. God bless.

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    • Thank you for your response. I actually, find it ironic that you just posted this. I was just looking up someone who followed me months ago that I just remembered blocking. I looked him up to see if he was still posting and sure enough he is. He seeks out and finds anyone who will speak to him about pornography and they chat openly on the comments.
      It disgusts me. No regard to honoring a human body. Holding it in high regard with integrity and safety. Just using it and abusing it while others make money and …..i could go on. I just cannot believe more are not on board with what you and I are thinking on the subject. How human trafficking is involved. How lives are damaged forever. As long as there are those who will watch it and buy it then they are sacrificing innocent lives. But they don’t care. I don’t know how to get them to care. I know I come across as radical on the subject, I have just seen first hand the damage that can be done. I JUST read where an actor who was on the show Glee was arrested for possession of child porn. Thousands of images. No regard for the child. He just got seven years. He should have spent the rest of his life in prison because if he is watching it, he is doing more. They do. I don’t know how to change things other than to openly talk about it and hope that one person may listen.
      Anyway thanks for your comment again.

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      • I wish we could help make others change their perspective also, but I learned the hard way through my husbands addiction that I can’t. Only God can truly change a person and it’s great that you’re speaking out to shed some light on such a secretive topic. It’s true even if one person is listening it’s worth it.


      • I am very very glad to hear that your husband has broken the cycle. I do believe that people can change and they can have an “awakening” I guess you would say and turn to God and turn to the light and see things for how badly they are.

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