OMGGGGGGG let me get a pic of this beeeeee

This is what my brain kept saying over and over and over again. I stumbled across this gorgeous and I mean gorgeous flower bed of these wild flowers that were 12 feet high maybe. They were orange and yellow and there were bees and dragonflies and butterflies everywhere. But I kept being interrupted. I just wanted to beeee with the beeeeessss and I kept saying in my head OMGGGGGGGG just let me get a pic of this beeeeeee!! 

But I was a polite neighbor and I chatted for a bit because not everyone understands my passion for nature and mindfulness but when the time was up it was up! So I was honest. I really want to go back to taking pictures of these bees!!!! So I did. It wasn’t about the pictures. I was watching the wind blow these flowers and I just wanted to sit with that. I wanted to let the world just slip away with all it’s thoughts and news and drama and just be with the bees. Really. It’s all I wanted. The lady who owns the house gave me permission to photograph anything in it so I was excited to round the corner and see all of this in bloom.  She wasn’t home so I immediately immersed myself in the flower world. Until I was interrupted by humans. Darn humans. 

Here are some of the pictures that I took. I know…I am not a real photographer but I sooo enjoy taking pictures and living in the moment, I truly do. The flowers each have a differnt bee. So many many bees. And the purple flowers had dragon flies, they were just blending in! But hopefully you can see them and understand why I just wanted to live in that moment without the presence of humans! 

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