The park.

Every day I wake up and feel like I am in my old house across from a park. Every day. So yesterday I had my husband drive me to the park. I wanted to visit where my mind kept going.  I took pictures as I went down the paved walk way to take you along with me. 

This park we lived across the road from for 7 years. Every day I took my daughter, who was 1 1/2 years old when we moved in, to this park. There were over 5 acres of woods, creeks, water falls. There were trails through the woods. We walked them every day looking at every tree, every leaf, every butterfly, every stone, every flower. Our dog ran free. No one was ever there. The oak trees were hundreds of years old. We climbed the trees, sat on the limbs that reached down to the ground, had picnics EVERY DAY.

After we finished exploring we would go to the actual park which had a slide, some swing sets, a soccer field, a baseball field, batting cages, a basketball court, and more. Rarely was anyone there. Sometimes a few children from the neighborhood were there. After dark we used to go to the soccer field and run around under the stars with my husband who would often run sprints there. It was like our very own little piece of wonderland for 7 years. 

When we moved to the house we live in now, we enjoyed our new wonderland! We now had our own acre, an acre next to us free with wild animals, and acres that were available to explore. No homes were back here yet. Now there are. It is where I take my wheelchair walks for mindfulness. So we had this space and then we still went back to the park. Those years at the park were good years. They were pre-health issues. Wow, they were beautiful years! I can understand, going back there, to the park, why I wake up and my brain wants to be back during that time. So I took my camera and wanted to share with you our little wonderland. I couldn’t go on the trails behind the park in my scooter. None of it is paved. I tried to off-road it a bit to show you the rocks we climbed on and the tree branch we sat on. But looking at the pictures I think you will be able to see why we loved it so much. You can’t see the trails or creeks or woods but you can see the nature that we found so much joy being a part of.  In the first picture you will see tons of little black dots in the sky. Those are dragonflies. 

10 thoughts on “The park.

    • There WAS but I couldn’t get my scooter up the hill. I could see a plaque saying what they were but couldn’t get to them. We used to jump from rock to rock and climb and sit on the big one but for the life of me I cannot remember what they said they represented


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