#metoo Poetry 

You doubt my truth?

That’s ok. 

I’m unaffected by denial from you.

You doubt my abuse?

That’s ok. 

I don’t need validation from you.

Here is your proof:

Your doubt has no power.

It’s just a pathetic excuse

To use your freedom of speech

A tactic I’ve seen

Your preying words

Have no power over me.

You are

Like the others

A demented curse. 

I’ve watched you lure.

I’ve watched you taint the pure. 

All with your well formed 

Yet predator words. 

You are late to the game!

Your words are at minimum

A bore. 

I’ve been doubted before.

The doubters 

No longer have the floor.

I’ve been denied my rights

Raped behind closed doors. 

So spew your words.

I’m not controlled 

By doubters anymore. 

I stand under this flag

And I know 

What true Americans fight for.

They don’t hide

And deny

Men like you 

I abhor.

I know the truth

It is 

What I lived through

To live for.

The truth

Nothing less

Nothing more.

12 thoughts on “#metoo Poetry 

    • Thank you for reading! And commenting!
      The pain of abuse has not resurfaced because others are sharing their stories. The pain has always been there. I am very glad others are feeling the strength to speak their truth. I’ve seen a few minimize that and that is where this poem is rooted.
      But thank you for reading as always

      Liked by 1 person

  1. This is beautiful because despite of everything you have been able to keep writing and make those who did these terrible things to do face their crimes in ways we will never know. Thank you. Thank you for your voice. I love you. I couldn’t be more proud of you than I am right now!!

    Liked by 1 person

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