Come along with me on my wheelchair walk today…

I left home today with the only intention of clearing my mind by immersing myself in whatever caught my eye. I learned that things that appear soft are NOT. Perhaps I should not touch random things in the road! One was a cocoon of a stinging caterpillar and my fingers were covered in pricklies. Fortunately I carry tons of rescue items in my bag! The other are these reeds that looked very soft but were like prickly wool. I stopped touching things after that. 

The flowers just jumped out at me. Even if I have passed them before it didn’t matter. I looked at everything like it was the first time I had ever seen it. I looked at the strength and the fragile flowers. The softness of them and the fire in them. The sky had not a cloud which is very unusual. Just blue!

You know, I have looked and looked for red things on my mindfulness walks and rarely find a thing. Today, without looking, red was everywhere. There are always lessons to be learned in nature. 

A random bird cage just ASKING for a poem to be written about it was sitting on the side of the road. Yes. A poem will come soon. 

When I pulled in I thought a butterfly was caught in a  spiderless web. But she wasn’t. She was just resting. I was thankful I did not have to rescue her but was fully planning on it. 

Here are the pictures of my journey. 

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