Two birds in two trees. 

“Do you see what I see?”

“It’s that same girl, am I wrong?”

“Oh you’re right. Let’s sing her a song!”

“You were a tiny bit flat, think she will notice?”

“She has tears in her eyes again, I think we’ve left her breathless.”

“Hey, you fly away first this time. Lets give her a good show.”

“Yeah, I will sing a little song over my shoulder so she will really know.”

“I agree. She needs to know. She is not alone.”

“She thinks we remind her to believe but she doesn’t even see her own beauty.”

“Lets get the others!!! We will all fly into the sky together. She’ll know we see her too!”

Two birds in two trees.

Flew to greet 50 more and in unison turned into the breeze.

In those few moments I felt myself breathe


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