Honoring Law Enforcement Officers (LEO)

After reading the FBI statistics I felt compelled to share the details below in quotes. I am proud of our Law Enforcement Officers who risk their lives every day to save others. They go to dangerous calls 24/7. I am grateful to our Law Enforcement Officers who go to those 911 calls to save. They leave their families to go help other families. They help victims of heinous crimes. There are no “holidays” for Law Enforcement. While others are opening Christmas presents or having Easter dinner, celebrating Yom Kippur, etc, the good men and women of Law Enforcement are out working their shift. Their family comes after they protect every one else’s. It is often a thankless job. They are judged. They are ambushed. They are killed. All while choosing to protect others. In the statistics below you will read that in just one year “57,180 officers were victims of line-of-duty assaults.” That number hits me in the gut and weighs heavy on my heart. “66 Law Enforcement officers were killed.” That number brings a steady flow of tears to my eyes. 

I honor all Law Enforcement officers and their families for their sacrifice and devotion and selflessness. 

I am now and will always be a proud LEO wife. I could not be more proud of my husband. He is the most honorable man I have ever met. A close second comes to all of his coworkers who I think of as family. I was thinking tonight of each one of them who has come to help me in times of a health crisis, or just a ride home! I have never really felt alone because they won’t let me. They remind me that in my LEO family, I always have a friend, and help when I need it.  Car break down? Just a call away. Seizure? Calls to make sure I am ok. Anyone in the hospital? They are all there. Need something picked up from the store? I have a list of those I can call. Prayer lists? We are on all of them. I have NEVER known such individuals with devotion and heart. 

To those who have lost their loved one in the line of duty, my heart is with you. To those who have had life long injuries due to line of duty injuries, my heart is with you. Your family is my family. If you ever need support, in any way, I will be by your side. 

I will continue to pray for our  Law Enforcement, that they and their families are safe. 

I know first hand what you do, who you save, and I THANK YOU!




“According to statistics collected by the FBI, 118 law enforcement officers were killed in line-of-duty incidents in 2016. Of these, 66 law enforcement officers died as a result of felonious acts, and 52 officers died in accidents. In addition, 57,180 officers were victims of line-of-duty assaults.
Circumstances: At the time the 66 law enforcement officers were feloniously killed:

 ▪ 17 were ambushed (entrapment/premeditation);

 ▪ 13 were answering disturbance calls (seven were domestic disturbance calls);

 ▪ nine were investigating suspicious persons/circumstances;

 ▪ six were engaged in tactical situations;

 ▪ five were performing investigative activities (such as surveillances, searches, or interviews);

 ▪ four were conducting traffic pursuits/stops;

 ▪ three were investigating drug-related matters;

 ▪ three were victims of unprovoked attacks;

 ▪ one was answering a burglary in progress call or pursuing a burglary suspect(s);

 ▪ one was answering a robbery in progress call or pursuing a robbery suspect(s); and

 ▪ four were attempting other arrests.
In 2016, of the 57,180 officers assaulted while performing their duties, 28.9 percent were injured. The largest percentage of victim officers (32.2 percent) were assaulted while responding to disturbance calls. Assailants used personal weapons (hands, fists, feet, etc.) in 78.0 percent of the incidents, firearms in 4.2 percent of incidents, and knives or other cutting instruments in 1.9 percent of the incidents. Other types of dangerous weapons were used in 16.0 percent of assaults.”
Law Enforcement Officers Killed and Assaulted, 2016 is available exclusively on the FBI’s website at https://ucr.fbi.gov/leoka/2016.

15 thoughts on “Honoring Law Enforcement Officers (LEO)

  1. Staggering statistics. I have an affinity for good cops and first responders as well. It’s reassuring to know help will come when it’s needed. Having responded to multiple crisis in my career I’ve seen and appreciated some really good, good cops restore safety to otherwise terrifying situations.

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  2. I have always admired police officers. I know it is because of them society is safe from chaos. Without them, people would do whatever evil thing they wanted to do.

    I’m so sorry that large of a number of them are killed or harmed. All of us actually owe our very lives to them.

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    • Thank you. Seeing first hand everything they do is quite amazing. They don’t brag or boast and it is not in the news very often. I actually googled my husband and some some pretty neat things in the paper about him but otherwise they save so many with no recognition. Most of them don’t need it though. Just knowing they helped is enough

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    • How wonderful that you chose that as a job. To protect those who are already vulnerable and in the hospital is so noble. My husband was a police officer for 20 years and I am a very proud wife. I know what you all do and it is not easy and often thankless but knowing you all exist out there makes me sleep better!


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