My daughter and I.

I don’t want to say the “H” word because I don’t want to trigger anyone. My daughter and I dress up for fun. I wanted to share the pictures my husband took of us. Photo credits all to him on this one! She is Belle from Beauty and the Beast. And I ofcourse am Spider-Man with the ONLY intention of photobombing her pictures and being silly to make her laugh. Mission accomplished.

25 thoughts on “My daughter and I.

    • Oh good!!!!! It was fun. When my husband came home I was just in the costume in the yard and he stared at me for awhile in shock. It was great! The photos were supposed to be for my daughter but I got the costume to jazz things up a bit!!!! The look on her face in some of them is so funny. He did get some really pretty ones of her too. She looks nothing like that in real life which is the only reason she let me put it on my blog. Glad it made you smile.
      It was a boys size large. Last one target had. I was like I WILL SQUEEZE INTO THAT!!!! The arms only came half way down and so did the legs and i couldn’t velcro the back but i wore it anyway.
      I thought just squatting on the ground I’d be fine. I had no idea it would hurt my left leg. I made sure to not stand. So it’s weird. Who knows with this darn muscle disease. I don’t care though. It was a fun night

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      • Haha, I didn’t even notice it didn’t fit right til you said something. And I still can’t tell that the back is open because the pics were taken of just the front of you.

        OK so I’m curious, why was your husband staring at you in shock? Are you not a generally silly person?


      • Yes, I am silly in person. He comes home to a new me frequently. I had the mohawk day, then the no make up day, then they heavy goth look day. So he is frequently surprised but he THOUGHT I was going to be Elsa which my daughter was last year so coming home to me posing in this costume was different. He loved the costume. He is going to frame the pictures.
        Plus he was just generally not expecting a Spider-Man in the driveway when he drove up!

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    • Thank you!!! Had I known I would love my hair short like this I would have done it 20 years ago! It was quite liberating!!!!
      We did have fun. Thank you.
      And thank you for the compliment for my daughter. She is such a beautiful girl and so kind and wonderful

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