Does TV matter more than assault? Seems that way

I will NEVER watch old episodes of Glee. It was my daughter and my favorite show. We watched it every week. She being a singer and me simply being entertained by the show, we never missed it.  After one of the main actors was found to have THOUSANDS of child pornography pictures and videos in his possession and plead guilty….um no…there will never be anymore Glee. Sorry to all of the other great actors who now get to be punished because of one cast member who chose to be a pedophile but TV IS NOT AS IMPORTANT AS A CHILD’S LIFE!!! Who could watch it anyway knowing this person watched children be raped!!!!!! 

Then we have those outraged about Kevin Spacey’s TV show being canceled. Is House of Cards canceled because of what he did to a 14 year old? I do not know. Does it freaking matter??!!!! I’m not watching a TV show with a man who molests a 14 year old boy on it. He is an actor. He is not God. He is not to be worshiped. TV shows are not meant to be worshiped NOR mourned when they go off the air due to a pedophile. Has the world become that callus that they are more upset about a TV show than a child? I mean so much for the whole #metoo agenda to come forward when you’ve got those doubting “allegations” (they are real!) and in an uproar over freaking TV!!!!! And the fact that Kevin chose to now say that oh btw I am gay. Nice timing buddy. As if the LGBT community does not have enough stigma you are going to come out NOW??? The slinking and slithering worm molesting a 14 year old and God knows whatever else he did has no place being linked to LGBT. He happens to be gay. He happens to be a childmoelster and who knows what ever else. He cannot link them. No one can.  The gay community does not deserve this stigma that he is manipulatively throwing in there to excuse what he did or who knows what he is doing. All I know is he and all of the other pedophiles are bastards and I don’t care about television shows. I care about THE CHILDREN!!!

At what point will society be outraged over the molestation of children? They sure can throw a good fit over a TV show. TV seems to matter far more than assault. 

21 thoughts on “Does TV matter more than assault? Seems that way

  1. Excellent post Bethany and I agree totally with you….as the parent of two gay sons I know how hard it can be at times. The LGBTI community don’t need as you call him “worms” offering their homeosexuality as an excuse and tarnishing the names of so many good folk. Well done.

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  2. Well said. Just as bad too are the TV executives who know about it and do nothing because they don’t want to lose money.
    Google a show in Australia called Hey Dad.
    Robert Hughes is in jail thank goodness. TV executives knew about it for years and did nothing. Pedophiles are well protected. They do form rings and get good jobs. Ask many homeless. They don’t start on the streets via the dealer’s… they finish there.
    Very convenient for the nice people with all the good things

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  3. Biggest drug industry is the 4th estate. Of course they want borders between nation states porous. Refugees aren’t the problem. They are the straw men of cashed up over privileged under experienced idealistic voyeurs who have no regard for visas when entering other countries. They don’t respect other cultures they visit either. No discipline or respect. As long as they have a party…. and can keep ‘being positive’. Those of us who have survived are ostracized and bastardized by them. Our survival and experience is ‘negative’.

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  4. I agree. I used to like Michael Jackson, but when all the accusations came out, I knew it was true. I’ve never listened to his music since then. Bill Cosby? What he did was so evil. Can’t look at him without feeling sick.

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  5. I know exactly what you mean. It’s something that is so normalized by people. It’s not really happening if it’s not part of their lives and then we both know that lots of people just go into their denial mode when it does touch their lives.

    There is a college in PA…Penn State. There was a story about the coach of the football team being guilty of pedophilia. The school had (has?) a sports camp for kids. It was a huge story and in the news they’d show photos of this sicko in cuffs being led off to a police car.

    I don’t know all the details but another coach was part of the story. I think it was about trying to figure out if he knew or not (? ) I don’t see how he couldn’t know.

    There are a lot of fans of this college’s teams around here. There is a branch in the county I live in. A lot of people go away to the main campus around here.

    I know someone from high school that went there and when I was on FB, I would see her (and others) post photos while at a football game up there along with the phrase, “We are Penn State.”

    I just don’t get the loyalty here. I know it’s a whole school with lots of things going on, but I see those pictures and those words and think, how? How can you route for this team still?

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  6. This is awful I had absolutely no idea! Thank you for sharing it. I don’t watch most TV but I definitely know Kevin Spacey! I am extremely offended that he tried to drag the LGBT community down by hiding behind them. It makes me absolutely sick! I will never watch him again. I don’t understand how everyone is not reacting to just THAT! Movies are not real… who cares? …I don’t get it! I am just outraged, baffled and sad!

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  7. I totally agree with you. This is sick and disgusting. I can’t believe this. I’m outraged. Unbelievable. Sick. How can we just stand by and watch this happen? We must stand up for our kids. We must stand up for these children and give them a voice. We must not aloud this to continue. Ugh!

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