SoCS:short cut

I have found no shortcuts but one. There has been no shortcut through therapy. It has been long and recovery is ongoing. I have found no shortcuts in PTSD coping. Nope. I wish there were. I have looked for them but it seems the person who took the shortcut gave me the long haul. I have found no shortcut through mourning or grief. When my mother decided to stop speaking to me there have been no shortcuts to overcoming or even coping with that. Her little shortcut to dealing with her own denial and ego has left me with the long lasting pain of losing a mother. No shortcuts to finding a cure for the muscle disease I have. Although I have endured 12 years of testing to no avail. No shortcuts in treatment for Lyme disease.  Although it  is going on it’s 4th year of treatment and infact starting a new treatment this weekend. 

BUT there is one and only one shortcut I have found! It is my shortcut hair!!!!! I love it! I will never go back long. It is the shortcut that has allowed me to be who I have always needed to be. Shortcut me!

12 thoughts on “SoCS:short cut

      • I was thinking about my comment. I want to apologize. I feel like I should’ve asked you how you feel about it, instead of assuming it would be hopeful.

        Feeling sensitive to saying things that reflect some sort of assumption.

        I had someone do that to me recently and it made me really angry.

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      • I don’t think it was insensitive. It gave me a different perspective than I had and I wasn’t feeling hopeful at all since nothing so far has worked and I SHOULD be hopeful that maybe this is the ONE product that will do the trick. If we lose hope then what do we have. So I found it encouraging even though hope is hard for me to find sometimes it actually led me to open up the package at the front door and contemplate taking this stuff today so thank you!
        I like that you write what you think because you are always right in your first intuitive words. You’ve never upset me. You don’t say they phrases that are truly insensitive and stamped out on a piece of paper that people say so they don’t have to actually give a shit or think about the other person like “well if it helps it was meant to be” that kind of thing makes me angry. I can’t say exactly why but it just feels programmed and not truly felt. But you always speak from the heart. Don’t change that!

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    • Thank you so much John!
      My hair was long all of my life but due to my multiple illnesses it had broken off and was thin and I was feeling self conscious about it. It reminded me of loss. So I cut it to remind me of strength and it worked. Was a really cool transformation of thought. My husband loves it too. He tells me every day if he had known he would have asked me to cut it 20 years ago!


  1. I love your haircut. It is really elegant. Strange word for it, but that is what I think when I see it. No, there are no shortcuts to healing. When they speak of time healing wounds, I think that is true. I would say it too me 12 years to quit thinking about my sexual abuse after starting therapy. But I could only afford therapy in fits and starts. I might have healed faster if I had been able to go for a few years all at one time.

    I only think of my abuse now when some event brings it to mind. Like being alone with a man in an elevator or a man is delivering a package and coming up to my apartment. I run go get a knife and keep it near me.


    • Thank you very much for the compliment on my hair. My husband says the same word for it.
      It makes me feel classy versus blahhhh. Plus I can have fun with it and spike it up and be spider man or make it sophisticated.
      Nope, no shortcuts on healing. I’d say time but as time passsed I was fine until one day 30 years later I wasn’t. So time did not heal me until I chose to heal myself and focus on the healing process and THEN did time start to do it’s job. I am on a break from therapy. It was far too much. I was overloaded. I am hoping to resume in the next few months when my seizures and all of that are under control.

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