The owl and the hawk

Most of my friends know of the owl that visited with me, flew with me on my walks, and hung out by my deck every day for 9 or so months. I hear her in the distance now but have not seen her in some time. 

I have a new visitor though. A hawk. She landed on my deck outside my bedroom window a few weeks ago and today was back again. I walked outside to meet her. I walked right up to her just like I used to do with the owl. My legs kind of floated out there under the tree. I was in a bit of a daze as I walked out looking up at her. She was just beautiful. 

She reminded me that even though one cannot be replaced by another, we must always have gratitude for the good that comes to us. I have such appreciation for her presence. She flew over me a few times chattering her hawk talk. I wondered what she was saying. I still wonder. Incase you are new to my blog I will share my owl pictures, a few of the thousand I have, and the hawk from today. 

18 thoughts on “The owl and the hawk

  1. I really love that top owl pic. She is gorgeous.

    The hawk is cool too. We have a lot of them around here. On Sunday I saw one take flight from either from a fence or the ground across the street just as I looked out the window. I have a couple really blurry pics of one sitting on a wire across from the second floor window at the house we used to live in.

    I have found them difficult to get “on film.”


    • I have never had a hawk like this. I am so glad you get to see them too!
      She just quietly sat there while I walked right underneath her. I was pretty amazed.
      I’m sorry I haven’t read your blog this week. I haven’t been able to read any as my brain seems so full. Even listening to people talk is too much. I’ve been wearing ear plugs and sunglasses. Brain on overload. But thinking of you and hoping you are doing ok. Thank you for reading my blog as always!!! I appreciate you

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