Little things

I had to go in and get some blood work today. Fortunately, my favorite Doctor has a phlebotomist in her office so I go there to get the labs done. Her phlebotomist is like a little angel floating around. Just being around makes a person feel loved. She has some seriously great energy. The two front desk girls I would consider friends even though I don’t even know their last names!!!! They always make me feel like I matter. They make me smile. They make me laugh. The comfort me if they know I am having a bad day. They can even laugh with me. I love these girls! I went in today with a sign taped to my chest. My husband said yeah pretty much after 22 years nothing surprises me. I made myself laugh taping a sign to myself. They consoled me for the assholes that feel they get to pat me but also laughed with me at the fact that I had a sign literally taped to my chest in my scooter! I didn’t see my Doctor today because I was just there getting labs done. I was thinking this morning though that this is the only place I have ever been in my life that has not given up on me. Not the Doctor, not the nurses, not even the girls working the front desk. Started me thinking about the people that I run across that are little flowers. They don’t know they are little flowers. But they are. They bring brightness to a situation that would otherwise be very stressful. As you know I have a multitude of health problems. Going to the Doctor is typically very stressful. I walk in this door and these little flowers welcome me. The Doctor hugs me when she sees me. I know how it feels to be a number. I’ve been just a number thousands of times in my life. But here, the little flowers make me feel like maybe I am a flower too. 

*all pictures taken by me except this one that my daughter took as I was headed out the door. 
The nurse saw my “Do not touch or pat me” and she totally validated it because she saw the last person that pat my back too hard. 

So when I got home with my husband we went for a walk and on my “mindful” walk I searched for the tiniest of things that would otherwise go unnoticed but I wanted to find them and recognize them for the beauty they put in the world, just like this small Doctor’s office, and the people that don’t realize that they bring light. 

Here is to all of the tiny flowers that may not be thanked or noticed…I notice you!

Each of these things I found were hidden in the grass and barely visible but if I lay in the grass I could see them. The little flowers were barely the size of a pen tip. And that one flower that had one petal left. I noticed that one petal. That one petal mattered. Each little piece of a flower nomatter the size matters. 

It was not like my normal mindful walks where I find something beautiful that just jumps out at me. I had to really search for these!!! Just a reminder really. Sometimes the most special, cherished, beauty, you have to look a little harder to see! It’s there. 

We ended our walk with the most perfect dandelion I have ever seen. I sat next to it. Felt its softness gently so I did not disrupt its perfection. 

One person’s weed is another person’s inspiration. 

Weeds and flowers. I guess the beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I saw the beauty in the ladies at the Doctor’s office today. I came home and saw the beauty in the little flowers and dandelion. I wish everyone noticed. I wish everyone saw the beauty. 

Again, thank you to all the unnoticed flowers out there. I notice you. 

Even though small blessings…it reminds me of these huge blessings. But small blessings can be huge if you let them!


12 thoughts on “Little things

  1. Three cheers for your sign!! πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ. Seriously, I have no idea why people think they have a license to just *touch* people. Pregnant bellies, people in wheelchairs, etc. Gah lol. I’m so glad you found a solution that worked! I’m sorry our society is such that you had to, though 😘😘. Omg your photos are incredible! Especially your sunsets – majestic! ❀️❀️


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