Veterans Day part 2

“We don’t care what you’ve lost: a loved one, an arm, a leg. We don’t care if you have PTSD. Nah. We just want you to know that for your fight, we will offer a coupon to EVERYONE ELSE!!!”

What’s next? Will there be a sale for 20% off national domestic violence day? How about 50% off mental health awareness day?

Anything is for sale these days. Money money money. Christmas commercials coming at midnight after Halloween. Commercials showing children bargaining, parents threatening that “Santa is watching”, and save the hungry only once a year. Super role models. Really. Just what I would want my child watching. Oh wait…we didn’t have TV. Nor did I ever threaten my child to behave well because Santa was watching. Nor did I allow television to teach me how to parent or when to shop.

The propaganda. The trends. The use of suffering to further an agenda.

We are bombarded with this absolute garbage.

In that, the meaning, the authenticity, and humanity in it’s purest form is lost.

I have a neighbor who lost both of his legs in Vietnam.

I’m pretty sure he didn’t expect a sale to be offered for that.

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS Nov. 11/17

7 thoughts on “Veterans Day part 2

    • I can’t believe i never even noticed before. I guess that is the good thing about age. We notice more , become wiser and more perceptive about how things are portrayed. How did I never see this before! I don’t know but I noticed this year and did think it was disgusting too


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