10 thoughts on “Mindful walk photos

  1. Your daughter did a lovely job because you don’t look “made-up”. This reminds me of an anecdote before I was a teenager. We were going somewhere and my Dad called out to my Mom, “Jean, are you ready?” “As soon as I finish putting on my face,” she replied. My older brother and I looked at each other with wide eyes and asked Dad incredulously, “Does Mom really put on a face mask?” “In a manner of speaking,” he replied. My brother and I laughed about this for days!

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    • What a sweet story and memory!
      I told my husband I felt like I could peel the entire thing off in one sheet. There was layer after layer of things that I have never heard of but was educated on. Bronzing and highlighting and blushing and contouring. But she knows how to do it and it just somehow magically makes me look younger but not like she just spent an hour on my face. It’s fun. She gives me all kinds of different looks.


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