They forgot to mention he was an abuser!

Can’t access the link. Don’t worry. I will provide you with the content.

Looks like they forgot to mention that he molested me. Gave me life long PTSD. Cost me thousands of dollars in therapy. Cost me thousands of hours of pain and suffering and YET he is honored?

How does HE get honored???

Where is my honor for enduring and surviving his abuse. Where is the honor that should have been giving to me through validation of the ski club members that knew I was being abused. Where is the honor in my family supporting what I went through and still do because of this man. Where?

Keystone heights. A place where they honor child molesters and toss their children to the wolves. Congrats to them.

Guess it just slipped their mind to do the right thing. Cowards.

19 thoughts on “They forgot to mention he was an abuser!

  1. He’s not honoured here!

    All I can say to him is: “Yah, I’m glad Your dead! I hope Hell is as comfortable for You as you made life for all your victims. Asshole.”

    For You Bethany: ❤

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  2. Hello Bethany. All this stuff in the news about all the abused women ( and guys ) and all the men in so many professions doing the abusing getting so many passes must drive you crazy. I am glad it is coming out but I feel so sorry for the many victims out there who have to face this many without support. I can not understand why Roy Moore is getting a pass and he is still supported by his followers. Of course I said the same thing about tRump. Be well. We care. Hugs

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  3. Wow, what a slap in the face to you. This really sickens me to be honest with you. I hate that he is being talked up like he is a perfect angel when he has left scars that will not heal. It like to hit him over the head with his water skis.


  4. I am hoping that the people coming forward to tell of their abuse at the hands of a celebrity, will frighten other men from doing it also. I hope all the publicity will make a difference. I’m sorry for the pain the article gave you.

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  5. Bethany, I hope you took a moment to feel so proud of yourself. It takes so much courage to stand up and tell the truth about an agressive narcissist – that’s all he is – a big show to hide how repulsive he really is. Also, I can’t believe how much of a deal they’re making about a ski instructor – skiing is a hobby not a profession.

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  6. You have my sympathies. but I feel none for your abuser, as a male I feel that these people should be named and shamed and made to pay the penalty for the damage they cause to innocent lives! at times like this I feel ashamed to admit that I am male.

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