True story…

The colors of the setting sun


Of my song


I watched.

I imagined.

The lyrics.

My words.


Only by passing


I could visualize

With the rocks under my feet

The dust blowing in my face

The untold story

Of my life.

I could see

Myself sing.

I stood strong.

I stood brave.

I opened my mouth

Ready to say

The verses of my soul.

Arms now reaching to the moon.

I hear the prairie animals howl.

I hear the hooting of the owl.

I hear them waiting for my sound

In the coming of the dark clouds.

My breath barely escaped my mouth.

The music did not emerge.

The song of me

Only feels like a scream,

That I cannot even peep.

The colors of the setting sun



Your song will be sung.

Your voice will come.

20 thoughts on “True story…

    • It was a gorgeous day for a sky view on the prairie. I truly did try and sing with the animals under the sky. Tomorrow I will try again!!!! I just actually use my ipad. And I don’t know how to filter anything so it just is what it is!

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      • I have a camera but it is too heavy and my arms cannot hold it up any more. I am looking for a light digital one that has a zoom lens for the things I Really like taking pictures of like bugs and bees on flowers and birds and butterflies.
        Thank you!

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      • I know that’s hard. I have occupational and physical therapy. It sucks, arms kill me. When you find the right camera, it will be exciting. You have an excellent eye for landscapes. I oil paint them. Its been awhile though. l work off of photos. I hope you blog your camera find! Thank you for the good conversation!


      • Oh I sure will! I cannot wait. How exciting you oil paint photos. Do you have them on your blog?
        I love how the sun hits different flowers, leaves, blades of grass, butterflies anything. I love how the dark highlights too.
        I have no real idea how to photograph. It just started with my intention of being mindful and finding the calm in the simple moments. And I started taking pictures of those moments to find them again and share them.

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      • It’s a great hobby to fall into. You are doing well in my opinion!
        I don’t have any paintings up yet. I was thinking about throwing some pics up. Not so sure yet. Getting the High School Diaries up has been hard self-exposure already, lol… I’ll put them up eventually. 🙂 If I can squeeze out thirty bucks worth of art supplies someday, I will start painting again. Sometime soon. 🙂

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      • I will read some of them before I go to bed. I may not comment but I will “like” them to let you know I have read them. Sometimes I am beyond words but I want to validate that I have read the words and hear them and feel them. Lately, since the seizures, my words for others have fallen short. So they are short but from the heart


      • You’re very sweet. Thank you! No worries on the comments. I rarely know what to say myself. I’m sorry the health problems are getting worse. I always wished I could say more to help or lend sympathy. It’s hard to describe the emotion. Have a good night and sweet dreams!

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