10 thoughts on “Poetry and photos

      • Oh I agree. I was thinking something I learned on farms in my youth. A animal cornered or behind a fence can be scared of any approach. I was thinking maybe humans could be the same way? Please be safe, snarling dogs can be very dangerous. Have a great day and weekend. Best to you and yours. Hugs

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      • The funny thing is i NEVER bring dog treats and we don’t have dogs anymore but i found some old ones and put them in a bag and sure enough the one dog that ran at me growling i just asked if he wanted a treat!!! He wagged his tail. Walked up. Snarled some more i dropped the treat and he took it and ran off.
        The one behind the fence gave me more fear than the one that was free. The one behind the fence was running up and down the fence line. Then tried to paw his way out of the gate. So i wondered who to be more afraid of and thought well best to be wary of anything snarling!!!!

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