The tiny little things that bring me joy

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I’ve lived in this house for 14 years now. The prairie is one mile away from my house. I have a few friends who live across the other side of the prairie. They let my daughter and me pet their sweet horses and goats. 14 years I have driven through the prairie. 14 years I have been going for walks around my neighborhood, only 2 of those years without the use of my wheelchair. My husband said on our walk today that he was amazed that after 14 years I STILL find new things that I did not see before. I seek and find moments of joy every single day. Today it was this simple leaf. I stopped. I looked at the yard empty of trees, full of grass, and one brown leaf in the middle. I have no idea why it caught my eye or why it gave me joy. It did though. I find joy in the tiniest of things.

We stopped to look at some orange berries. I see black, red, purple, pink but never orange berries until today.

Then I looked up at the clouds. I thought about how fortunate we are to live in Florida where the sun shines most days. There were mostly blue skies with some wispy while clouds. Then I looked harder and there was the moon. In the middle of the day the moon was so camouflaged with the clouds I almost didn’t notice it.

14 years in this home there have been many changes. Friends have come and moved away. Loved ones in the neighborhood have passed away. In the midst of these 14 years of changes there is something that always remains the same…the tiny acts of kindness.

It never fails.

There is always someone who comes along in my life and gives the tiniest act of kindness. But it is so big to me.

Right now I have a neighbor that leaves me cards that have owls on them. I woke up yesterday and she had left a beautiful card and a small owl. I felt so blessed! I mean just having someone like this exist on this planet gives me faith in the future. This one woman and her tiny act of kindness really does mean everything.

My owl is now sitting next to my other favorite owl which was given to me by a very special blogger friend that I will cherish forever!

It is really the things that OTHERS think are the little things that mean everything to me.

Later in the day I went to the prairie and was blessed by seeing my sweet cows and then the deer that just happen to be waiting everytime I pass. Then there are the donkey eyes!!! Just looking through the fence. So small I know. But so precious to me.

Every day at this time when I go to visit the animals and watch the sunset I run into my friend for about 2 minutes. 2 minutes every few days I see her. We stop and she reaches out her hand. She gives me a few kind words. A few prayers. Just kindness. 2 minutes of kindness. I adore that she always stops no matter where she is going just to let me know that I matter. It is a special 14 year old friendship that only requires 2 minutes of the tiniest of kindness moments to be more than enough!!!

I was just in time to watch the breathtaking sunset. Which was or may look like just a tiny thing in the grand scheme of life. To me this sunset was everything. It gave me a moment to remember that for me the tiny things are the biggest for my heart. In that sunset moment after my friend had left I just felt a minute of peace. Priceless really.

So, even if you think you have been and seen everything in your little area of your life, don’t give up. There is something just around the corner that will take your breath away and give you faith and peace if you just let it!!!

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11 thoughts on “The tiny little things that bring me joy

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  2. Beautiful. I love the owls. Thanks for the blue butterfly in the other post. I forgot to mention it earlier. Sorry. Everytime I see an owl I say a little prayer for you to the owl and to the Lord. I hope it gets to you.


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