Leave me a link

In the last few weeks I have been waiting for my test results from an England study I am in. My health has been a challenge. My leg…well it is struggling.

I have been in substantial pain in this atrophied leg and knee and I am struggling with restarting Lyme disease treatment and the flaring of joint pain and seizures.

My email links to my blog and have gone mostly unread as my brain cannot seem to stay focused on reading.

I believe your words and experiences are important and I don’t want to miss something that I could be supportive of!

If you’d like to leave a link to something you’d like me to read please do and then others can read it too!!

My email from just last night is 786. It seems too overwhelming to choose as I am scrolling through looking for that one doctor report.

Sooooo leave me a link please to your blog if you are needing a friend or want to share some special news. I would love to read it.

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