Mindful moment pictures starting fresh!

After 9 months of mindful moments I had taken up 28GB of space with over 12,000 pictures and 500 videos. I decided to download them all on my computer and start again. So last night was my first night of NEW mindfulness moment starting with the sandhill cranes flying into the prairie and a sunset that did not fail!

As I looked through my 12,000 pictures I thought it was so neat that I had documented 12,000 moments where my mind was only on what I was looking at and clear of all of the other debris in life!

8 thoughts on “Mindful moment pictures starting fresh!

  1. Marvelous as usual. My timing is bad because I wrote a little doggerell that included an owl and his mother and had hoped to ask if I could use your two owls on the same limb with it. …Oh, I think maybe I put it in my Media library. If I did may I use it? I especially like the clouds with all that red on the bottom. My computer is in safe mode now and maybe that’s why I couldn’t see the video of the elephants.
    Very best regards to a great soul (you)


    • I would love if you use my photos! Can you let people know that I took them? If not, I notice many people start using them as their own.
      But I ‘d love to read what you wrote and see the owl pictures shared ofcourse.
      I love the clouds with the red too. I love how the clouds change. I just sit there and watch them move and change as the sun sets. I love it. Tonight was my first night not going out there in many months. My bed was just too cozy. But we sat outside earlier and had interesting caterpillar time!


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