Wordless Wednesday (cannot be wordless for my friend over at Therapybits!)

Wordless means that my friend cannot know what I have posted. So I’m going to add some words for her…..

* The Camellia bush in my yard. It has hundreds of flowers on it. Some buds, some blooms and everything inbetween. They say they are scentless but when you have hundreds like this and you bury your nose in them they actually DO have a mild sweet scent. Mine are a bright pink but the buds are pink and white striped. Even though they are only pink when they bloom. I felt the blooms for you and the petals look like they would be soft like velvet but they feel like rubber! I closed my eyes when I smelled one and heard a bee buzzing around. He was so loud with my eyes closed. He landed on a leaf and I took his picture, then he went to a bud and seemed perplexed, if bees can be perplexed, as to why he could not get nectar from a closed bud.

*My daughter and my view from the deck. Which is of the 200 year old live oak and the other trees that shade us from the sun. The sky is mostly blue with some few white fluffy clouds.

A leaf that is yellow on a tree that is bare. One last leaf that I barely touched so it didn’t fall and I thought it would be crunchy but it was soft.

A caterpillar that I discovered while looking at my very green aloe plant on the deck. He is the size of a small grape and he is covered in hair that looks just like it would feel like coarse dog hair. I know he is poisonous so I didn’t go near him and infact was nervous after he was no longer there since we both had no shoes on. Supposedly one hair from them can send a person to the hospital. I will have to look up what he will become after his cocoon.

A red leaf fallen from a tree on the ground almost ready to shrivel up with a bright green sprig in front of it casting a shadow bigger than the actual sprig of green.

8 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday (cannot be wordless for my friend over at Therapybits!)

  1. That caterpillar scares me! Wow, we have rattlesnakes, bears, mountain lions, wolves and coyotes here. No poisonous bugs. I prefer big things you can see coming. When my sister lived in Nevada, scorpions would come in her house!

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    • We have scorpions here too. I also prefer to see what’s coming!!!!! I haven’t seen a wolf but I have seen a coyote here. And rattlesnake. I know we have bears but I haven’t seen one.
      Isn’t that crazy a caterpillar can be that bad! I looked him up and he was the top 8 poisonous caterpillars. He needs to move along!!

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  2. Caterpillars in general are creepy to me. It’s weird, I used to pick them up and let them crawl on my hands when I was a kid. But now that I know there are such things as poisonous ones and don’t know which ones they are, I won’t touch a caterpillar. I’m not sure if there are any poisonous ones around here though.

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