Save her

Please God.

Hear my call.

Hear the love in my heart.

How do I ask?

What can I do?

There is no

Bargaining with you

I know

Can you just

Make it so?

Let my prayers be heard

Please God

Save her


I wonder

What does my mother pray for me

Does she pray selflessly

Or selfishly

Does she ask and want

Or does she pray for me at all

I heard she cries for me

But does she just cry for her

Does she seek other’s consoling words

Does she want what once was

Those days good for her

I went unheard

Does she want

Truly want what is good for me

Or only for what is “seen”

I wonder

What does my mother ask for when praying

And is it ever

Like I pray for my daughter

In desperate plea

Does my mother pray that way for me


My little bird

She was one

When her first song was sung

An angel’s voice in life begun.

My little bird

She was three

A mermaid for Halloween

Running door to door

With her best friend and me

My little bird

She was seven

In the sprinklers

On the farm

Snuggled every night in my arms

Birthday barbie dolls

We had it all

My little bird

She was twelve

When that race horse broke

Her arm

“It’s just a sprain mom”

Oh my sweet girl

That hopeful smile hurt my heart.

My little bird

She was fifteen

Driving our car “Cherry”

On the millionth adventure with me

Her now taking the lead.

My little bird

She was seventeen

Her first love, a broken heart

And the mascara stains

I still have the pillow case

My little bird

She was eighteen

Beautiful in her blue dress

Rhinestones on the straps

Standing proud

And never looking back.

It’s been four years..

My little bird

Always my little bird.

Please God let my prayers be heard

And heal my little bird.

Bird in a tree

I spent a lot of time trying to be mindful. I tried to clear my mind of some memories that were nagging at me. With all that I have posted here today showing my efforts, I did not achieve a clear peaceful mind until the bird on the tree. I thanked him for blessing me with this. Each picture was a different moment. A moment of peace with he bird on the tree…

Mindful katydid 3

My husband knows that even in my great fear of the katydid I would not want him run over by a car so he graciously let him crawl on his shoe to remove him from the road. I say videotaping the katydid was therapy enough for me. I would never let him get on me. Ever!