15 thoughts on “For Kae Bucher

  1. You are an amazing photographer.. such a beauty and they look divine.

    Long is the road to life,
    Stretched ahead with no end seen.
    But gleaming down is a ray of Hope,
    Saying that darkness is just a dream.
    Walk on, let not fear stop you,
    For you are hear to shine,
    And spread the brightness that’s within you..

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  2. The sun sngel is perfect. I was looking up angel art online today because Im painting a birthday card for one of my granddaughters. That was the first time I had seen a sun angel. Love the moon too.


    • I was driving at just no foot on accelerator. Coasting and it was so slowly it picked up the sun angel i pulled up, backed up. It was gone. Moved right back to where i was and there she was. It was sooo cool. Then i stopped to take a picture of a tree and there was the moon which I hadn’t even noticed. Was a much needed beautiful night

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