17 thoughts on “Poetry

  1. I sort of took this and applied it to my own present circumstances and the way I’m feeling I’m sure you had something very different in mind when you wrote it out. However I was inspired to write something as well.

    The gate is broken in my mind
    All that’s left to do is walk through it
    Leave what’s on the inside behind.

    No one to block my escape
    Not since I made my get-away
    The illusion of the barricade
    Keeps me trapped and afraid

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    • Holy cow that was freaking awesome!!!
      I love that you wrote that here!!
      I didn’t have anything specific in mind. I saw the lattice was broken and took a picture of it and my mind went to so many different places from abuse to my seizures to ptsd and back and then I just wrote what I wrote which is really only one interpretation or emotion from a picture. I love that you added yours. I think I could write 10 poems from that one picture. But i love yours the most

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      • Aw…(blush)…thank you. My eyes are welling up again dammit. (lol)

        I love your poem. It really does cover what you had in mind perfectly. And I love the idea of writing poems using pics for inspiration.

        That picture is rather ominous too, which is the perfect kind of pic to get ideas from. I like that you posted it/took it in black and white.

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      • The sun was setting and it cast a shadow over it but there were two green leaves that had color in them. It just seemed perfect. I felt nothing when I took it. I thought “that will make a good poem” which shows I did feel something but nothing I could put my finger on. It amazes me that an image of something can evoke an emotion or memory so strongly. Even one repressed.

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  2. I can’t reply under the comment about the color of the photo but wanted to comment again about the color. I thought it was black and white when I first looked at it. You pointed out the two green leaves so I went to look again. Pretty amazing what shadows do. Now I see the color and see that the photo isn’t black and white. But still, shadows in photog is a lot of fun to play with.


    • Isn’t that so cool! It does look black and white doesn’t it! But it was just that perfect time of day where it looked black and white because the lattice is white but was covered in dirt and junk and the shadows.

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