Flowers and woodpeckers

We have a pair of red headed woodpeckers that have been in our yard for years now. I love to listen to them laugh. It truly sounds like they are laughing. They are very shy and it is hard to take their picture but I did today!! Although blurry! But still happy to have a quick photo.

Some truly beautiful flowers blooming today and my daughter taught me how to put a trim around them! Thought I would try it out and see how they looked not all connected here. I hope you enjoy the beauty in today that I found.

The red fluffy looking layers and layers of petals flower is a red camellia that I look forward to ever year. It is just striking. When you feel it it feels like a ruffled dress. I took a picture of the peach leaves because I rarely ever see anything peach out in nature. It really caught my eye. The little white flowers are on my tea olive tree that I planted outside of each window. Which is really fantastic if you like the smell. This year, the smell is quite over powering though. The purple flowers are having their last bloom before the cold hits this week. They have no smell and are so thin that if I touch them they feel like silk that is soooo thin. The white azalea with one pink stripe! That is not supposed to be blooming in December but there she is in all her glory looking as stunning as ever!

The flowers were very calming to me today. It has been a difficult few days with adjusting to meds and anxiety. Every moment I am not feeling those is a blessing

7 thoughts on “Flowers and woodpeckers

  1. I like woodpeckers too, although when I first moved into our apartment there was a woodpecker that would tap on the metal roof of the building next door. It was so loud, it woke my sister and I early in the morning. I can’t imagine what it sounded like in theor apartments!

    Beautiful photos, and I love the trim on the sides.


    • Oh that would be bad to have a woodpecker tapping on a roof!!!!! I never hear them tapping just laughing with their noises.
      My daughter was thrilled to show me how to do the trim on the photos. I will never remember how to do this I bet! I will try though. I don’t like to filter them though. It seems to take away the raw beauty. She said they are like framed with a frame though the way she showed me. She was so fast though ! I am a slow learner

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