6 thoughts on “Poetry and pictures

    • I had a very long doc apt to address everything from seizures to lyme disease and everythign in between. We seem to have a plan but waiting for lab results first. How are you friend? I’m sorry i have not been reading blogs lately STILL. Too much for my eye still. The doc today said i need to see an opthamologist bc my pupil and the vessels in that one eye are not reactive as they should be after the seizures so that does explain some things

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      • I’m so so sorry my friend. I can understand the lyme stuff. My sister is going through her treatment and she has had some terrible days with it. It’s been a terrible process for her, but she has such a positive attitude about it. I send her text messages often to remind her how much she is loved and that she’s beautiful and stuff. It seems to help her. I wish I could do more for her and for you. That’s okay. I haven’t had a chance to really catch up on blogs either. I was able to read some of yours and I love them. I always love them. I love your blog. I love the honesty in your blog. I think that’s what I really love about it. I hate waiting on stuff. I hope they get those results back soon. Yeah that does explain some things. I’ve never experienced those myself, but I’ve heard about it and they don’t sound like fun.

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