Roumei played music

With an orange butterfly at his ear

Near the waters edge

Filled with slithering eel.

They poked out their heads

Touching children’s dangling heels.

The towns people gossiped

In the center square

About Roumie’s song

Then back to their puffy shirted day wear

I saw this all from the house on the hill

On the balcony

Where I watched with ill-will.

I hated the manicured gardens

And the checkered quilts.

I hated the stair case in this home they built.

I longed to meet Roumie

And leave these prison walls

So I tossed my flowered dress

Down the wallpapered hall.

I leapt on a white untamed

Show horse

In the field.

He bucked and he ran with me on his back

I shushed him and whispered

And hugged his thick neck.

Then my knees

And a click headed us to Roumie

And townspeople chattering

I glanced back to mommy.

Her mouth was wide

As her guests paused

From their hors d’oeuvres

(In case you did not know,

That’s a French word)


And stepfather’s deviled egg


I turned back to white horse

Her mane blowing as we slowed to a trot

I’d made it to the butterfly man, the butterfly,

She was orange with black spots.

He leisurely lay back against the only tree there

Playing his music

With not a single care.

I kissed the cheek of white horse

As I slid down her side.

Standing there in my underwear

As I’d tossed my fancy dress

To ride to Roumie

I was

Quite the mess.

Mesmerized, I walked toward him

Reaching out to touch

His smooth dark skin

And as the brown of his eyes

Met mine

I asked, “Can I sing with your music?

A lullaby?”

He looked at my fingers on his warm arm

Then looked back at the water

Not even a word

Not even mention of my song.

The townspeople, and mommy, her guests, and this man…

No one reached out to hold my hand.

Roumie was just

A man of my dream

A butterfly man in a poem

Of a scene.

I stepped into the water with the snakes

And the eels

White horse pounded her hooves

From the adjoining field

Rippling the water

Where I now stood.

Roumei’s socked foot swung back and forth

As he sounded his music for the town court

Lord and Lady had appeared

Mommy waved from high on the hill

Not to me

For I’d been such a “pill”

As I slipped into the water

So perfect

So still.

No one noticed

Except white horse

Who was just part of my imagination

Of course.

13 thoughts on “Poem/story

  1. Such a sad poem. I’ve many times felt no one on this earth cares or would show love to me. That is what your poem brought to my mind. It is actually true. Who alone but God understands?


  2. This is absolutely amazing. And to write your dream in poetry form is double amazing. lol. I like the word amazing. haha.

    I’m not detecting sadness. It’s freedom I see. You didn’t care what your parents thought, said or did. You didn’t care about theirs or anyone else’s obvious disdain. You did what felt right to you. You took the freedom you knew was available to you, despite knowing they wouldn’t approve. The part where you look at them (and see their reaction) and then look back at Roumie and kiss the horse, get down and continue on with what you want to do, was an act of rebellion. You were rubbing it in their face, that you are you and not like them. You were completely free. I love this poem! And that dream… the best!


    • I use the word amazing a lot and I like it too and i like that you use it in your comment!!
      I couldn’t decide how to spell Roumei or Roumie so I alternated. I can hear the voice said in my head in my dream but had no clue how to spell it. It was a super cool freaking dream and I am so glad I did it justice in a poem and that you liked it!
      Thank you!
      I have been reading through your part 3 and 4 and was just about to comment when I saw your comment here.
      I’ve been tryin (ok my g is broken so sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t and so as I’ve been writing I can’t correct it which has driven my husband crazy as he reads my stuff but I told him that I’m leaving it is it is.and a friend of mine I was texting said I sound redneck and I was like well it’s just a keyboard so….) anyway going to eat somethin and then go back to your posts

      Liked by 1 person

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