I’ve been a man with a red silk holy cloth

I’ve been a woman with a feather round her neck

Flying with the hawk

I’ve danced around the fire in Cherokee song

I’ve been tortured in a river

I’ve been tormented on a table

I’ve spoken with the angels

I’ve spoken with ones passed over

I’ve lived in lands with my head covered.

I’ve held the hands of many others

Felt the sun in every country

Bathed in the streams

But never lived in luxury

I’ve walked the earth one thousand times

Felt the earth of a million miles

Passed through dimensions

Experienced many trials

I fear death now

As I fear life

To take my last breath

Never seeing again

A bird in flight

Is heaven in the soil

Or in the sky

All enter-woven entwined

Is God in my heart

Or in my line of sight

Which seconds



Determine a life

How I loved?

Who I saved?

How I prayed?

If I kept faith?

Will I wander this earth

A thousand more years

With spiritual memory

Each birth ringing in my ears?

If it is heaven I seek

Can I just three times blink?

And go with the goldfish

Down my porcelain sink?

The book does not explain me.

No holy book

Or DSM-3.

I am

Even to myself

A mystery.

*disclaimer: My poetry comes from many sources of thought, emotion, and sometimes just dreams, an image from something on TV, or the way a bird looks at me. All of my poetry is not intended to be literal. Some is imagery, nightmares put to words, or stories of my actual life. Some of my poetry is left open to interpretation from one’s own experiences. The beauty of poetry is that it can be magical and surrounded in mystery, grammar and punctuation does not have to be perfect and we can be free to wildly interpret…

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