Poetry maybe?

“Bethany doesn’t rap!”

“What’s with her hair?”

“She wrote a book? Poetry? PFT”

“You heard she has PTSD?”

“You hear she named names in her blog?”

“Why does she keep telling her story?”

“I don’t know but lets read more of it…hurry!”

Let me be clear

I think the lines have been blurred

I don’t write for you

Or you

Or you

And I will not call you SIR

I write for that little girl there


You didn’t see her did you

I thought not.

I write for her

And her

And her too.

Now, in my writing there is you

But you are only a few chapters

A tiny few

A word here and there

A line

A letter

That I use as inspiration to BE BETTER

I use your inadequacies to make a change

So that next little girl

Knows even after abuse

She can still sing!

No 30 years of stifled muffled voice for her.

Through my pain



I write for her

Only her.

So talk about my hair

I have ceased to care

I write my life

So someone will see

That little girl


7 thoughts on “Poetry maybe?

  1. Yes, we need to tell our stories loud and clear so others can be helped. I’ve shared my story many times and feel no shame or fear in doing that. I remember the very first time I ever read about a woman whose memories returned and she remembered her abuse, also a woman who had forgotten her father had murdered a little girl right in front of her.

    If I had not read these stories, I might have tried to ignore all the horrible memories that returned to me when I was in my forties. Their stories helped me believe in myself. When all was said and done, my father never denied it to my mother or me after she accused him in a letter after she left him. He told everyone else I had false memories implanted by my psychologist. A lie. I came to my psychologist with my memories and he questioned me very carefully for quite a few sessions. He never suggested anything to me at any time. Years later, my father mailed me pamphlet on false memories. I didn’t reply.

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    • Wow. Still victimizing by denying you and blaming you . Awful. Purely awful. Why would we create false horrific damaging life altering memories!! No one would. And IF we did our therapist would have said after years of therapy that something is off.
      I have read about many women who remember everything in their 40s. What is it about 40s i am 45 and still having memories pop up

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