The deer

I drove our car cherry for the first time in 11 years to the prairie. The last time I drove her from the prairie I was escaping a hostage situation. Driving her again through the prairie made me think of that time which was odd because in the other car it was never foremost on my mind. But driving cherry it was. I had driven her since my daughter was a teeny tiny until she was 11 and I could not drive her anymore. Again, it is only 1 mile away and then a mile across the prairie. Not far.

In the tree that always has little birds or a black bird was a massive hawk. One I have never seen before with different markings as the red tailed hawk that is often around my house. This one flew away right as I got up to her and she was one majestic sight.

I made it past the house of the awful memory and was blessed I tell you, blessed. The deer that were always at that clearing were there. I out of the car and video taped them as I was walking to them and for a few minutes one deer in particular looked at me, cocked her head to one side and took some steps forward as I was walking forward. It was beyond an amazing moment. Very healing. I am very grateful they were there to give me that moment to be IN the moment and it made it as if the past really was never even there.

Please let me know if the video works. I really hope it does. I shortened it in hopes it will.

8 thoughts on “The deer

    • I am so happy it worked. Thankyou for the feedback. I got home and it was so funny because I looked at myself and wondered what on earth they thought. I was wearing my husband’s 30 year old sweatsuit that is windbreaker material and bright blue. I had on two hats one with a puff ball on the top that tied around my neck. I thought well I would be interested in this person too!
      They really made my day though. Thanks for watching

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