SoCS: Contrast

I had no idea what I would write about for today’s prompt of contrast for stream of consciousness Saturday UNTIL I saw the fish.

My husband and I went for a mindful walk. We found some boardwalks that went through the woods on the University of Florida campus. One path led us to a pond. I didn’t see the fish at first. When I got next to the rail, there they all were. Every size of black fish. I, we, were mesmerized by these fish. They kept raising their mouths to the surface and opening them. Inside the rim of their mouths was red. There were tiny fish, medium, small. Each fish had a split tail and two side fins. The side fins really got me. They were like wings. I wondered if they felt like birds under the water. These fins were so elegant and gentle as they moved them forward and back alternating sides. One on the right. One on the left.

That is when we saw the biggest fish.

He only had one side fin. The right one. We watched him for a long time. He somehow had managed to use his back tail fin in a different way than all of the other fish. He used his back fin and his one right fin to have balance. He reminded me of the butterfly I once saw with only a partial left wing. I just find it so ironic to find creatures on this earth that have perfectly working right sides but lost or damaged left sides…It always reminds me of my left leg that has atrophied so badly. Yet, they have persevered just as I have.

This fish was such a contrast to all of the other fish. One, he was bigger than all of the rest even though he only had one fin. He adapted. He overcame. The other fish were pretty frantic. He was calm. He was a great contrast.

Here he is. It is not the best angle but he was wider than the rest:

He is on the right. You can see his right fin sticking out and no left fin.

Ahhhh the inspiration of one fish!

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