25 thoughts on “Coping skill

  1. The open sky is impressive down there.

    It’s a judgment statement about myself but whenever I see your pics I say to myself, “I really should take a cue from Bethany and get out there and take some photos. It would get me out of this recluse state I’ve gotten myself in.”
    But then, here I sit.

    Have you decided on a camera yet? Wondering if it’s going to be a Christmas present (?)


    • My husband researched it from a guy who used to work for a newspaper (or something like that) and he already told me he bought me one for christmas 🙂 he said he put a lot into the weight and what i like to photograph and all of that. He knew I’d see the box because he isn’t home when the mail comes. I told him i woudln’t look at it so i threw a towel over it and put it in the closet when it came.
      It’s interesting because I actually run TO the sunset. It’s like it saves me from all of THIS. I am sure when you are ready to do it you will. Some days it is very hard. I think because I was unable to get out for so long that now getting out after 11 years is just finally liberating to me


    • In the summers we used to go to tthe blue ridge mountains in North Carolina and I still have the images burned into my brain of the beauty.
      Here we have SOO many trees and it is green in florida year round. I love it. But the areas in the few prairies around here really do give a great sunset


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