What is Christmas Spirit?

Because I constantly HEAR IT!!!!

“Where is your Christmas SPIRIT?”

Do you mean my joy in Jesus’birth?

I keep my nativity scene up all year

What’s that worth?

“You need to be at the mall and hear the music and see the decorations”

Is Christmas in the decor?

Is Christmas in the song?

Is it our kids waiting for Santa all night long?

I see the joyous family reunions on TV.

I see the embrace at the family arrival surprise.

It just instills depression in me

The sad solidifies.

My life is not a commercial

Nor will it ever be

Or for many

One morning won’t magically fix me

It is a sad reminder

Of the ticking anxiety timer

I can’t make that leave

For you to have a cheerful Christmas morning.

But I fear you’ve missed the point

With the bustle

The hustle

The money

And the pressure

Real Christmas spirit

In my own heart

I will always treasure.

We are each different

With our own traditions and beliefs

So please let me be

Wrapped up in my blanket

All quiet and warm

Silently thankful the Lord was born.

You may be Buddhist




Praying to the earth, the sun, the moon

And I respect you.

It’s all the hype

Red ribbons galore

That so many abhor

Because they have no family

“Surprise!” At the door

So many are reminded

Sitting at home

How very much

They feel alone

So while so many are wishing Christmas cheer


Some of us have had a devastating year

Hoping to just make it through this day

No one noticing we are being entirely fake

For their benefit

Trying to be joyous

Yippy yay!

I just want you to know

I know where you are

I know this day can be

More than hard.

Thinking of you in this “holiday cheer”

Just know

I am always here.

12 thoughts on “Poetry

  1. Its a good question Bethany as to what the Christmas spirit is, e certainly get bombarded with it every where we go….but I do think its what’s inside us that makes us feel Christmasy in whatever way we do. Hope you have a good one. Best wishes for 2018.


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