*photo by me of the sun rays and its colors

I left to visit you in a dream

But you’d been reincarnated as me

So there we meet


A mosaic

A smiling sparrow

A stained glass window



Like a book

At its bind


The pages turn

In my sleeping mind

How long shall I stay this time

I do hate leaving us behind

It’s light outside

So open my eyes.

21 thoughts on “Poetry

  1. Beautiful. I love it. Hello my sweet Bethany. I saw a owl the other night. It flew into a tree right outside my mom’s window. I was out on the steps of my front porch and I said hello. I knew it was you. She had come to cheer me up. I sent her back with a message from me to you. I told her to take care of you. I hope you got the message. I love you and have a great evening!


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