*written after looking at this picture my daughter made black and white of us as I looked at me

I rarely stare at my own face

The lines around my eyes

The dimple I already know is on my chin

But I tore it apart tonight

My weathered skin

I was hard on myself

Like I’ve never been

No creams or lifts or fillers here

I’m ok with that

So we’re clear.

I saw a sadness

For the first time

In that partial smile

Behind the eyes

A sorrow no one knows is mine

So I scoured over every line

Then I felt with my fingertips this time

I found the scar over my right brow

I know its there

But I feel it and see it now

My brother put it there

We were just kids

But I remember the blood trickling over that lid.

Making me wonder just now

What else was hidden

What did he really know

About all those times

Did he repress

Will he remember tomorrow

Or just deny what caused this sorrow

A scar of many

I could botox it away

With all the other things that show my age

But I’m just not

That way

So I look and I look and I look at my face

I see the love

I see the grace

Most of all I see the pain

Of all the scars

That will never be


I know now

They’ll always remain

34 thoughts on “Poetry

  1. I have a scar too that I’ve only told my husband about. It is from having a genital wart burned off my inner thigh. I remember the day my Mom took me to the doctor. I’m laying on the table and he examined me closely. I was very embarrassed. He and mymother were talking, but I remember no words. I was 7 or 8. We had to go somewhere I think, to get it burned off. I only found out it was a genital wart when I was in my forties and saw a picture of one. The way it looks is something you would never forget.

    I’m sure the doctor told my mom that my father was molesting me. I guess she didn’t believe him or decided to ignore it. When I told her Granma had told my older sister about it, she said, “I didn’t believe anyone.” I think she meant the doctor. I’ve never told her I remember about the wart.

    I love the photo and your new camera is wonderful. My tablet could only show me two flower pics tonight. Sometimes my tablet is cranky.

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    • How terrible. That doctor could have saved you but did nothing and your mother…very sad scar to have.sad memory.why do we learn so much in our 40s!!!!!!!
      It was the only time my brother did somethin mean and he always claimed if i didnt tear his magazine he never would have thrown something at my face, always a joke though .just made me wonder as i looked at it will he remember things he forgot

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  2. This one struck all the cords. You and your daughter are so beautiful, love the photo. But aggg! I know the tearing apart of the face in the mirror. Let’s not. Let’s love that reflection instead. Yea? ❤️

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  4. The rhythmic aspect to this poem flows excellently and I really liked the use of line breaks and line movement. While the language was good the structural aspect here shined like a star against a black background. I’m in youth so I can’t really say I related but the narration made it feel as though others could easily do so.

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