For my friend at Manyofus/therapy bits the red winged black bird’s song

There was a redwinged blackbird in a tree on the prairie with many other birds on the ground singing but his song was very loud above them all. Everytime he sang he would puff up his red wings. He only has a spot on each wing that is red and the rest of him is black. I hope you enjoy the song. I also videotaped the sound of the millions of frogs for you I will post next.

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The supermoon:speechless

I saw the moon just as it was coming over the trees and it was bright orange/red. I gasped and said OH MY GOSH about 20 times. Then I started taking pictures. Within 10 minutes it went from orange/red to orange to light orange to almost white. The transformation in such a short time was just breathtaking, or rather breath giving. I felt like I had more oxygen than I had had in years.

BUT the sunset wsa first and IT was orange too!!!! So I will post the 2 sunsets and the three moons.

Moon pictures and some birds and some thoughts

Last night I ventured out while the sun was still up and the moon had risen at the same time.

It was a beautiful night. The prairie was so full of tiny shrike birds and they were on fence posts and trees along the road. The sky changed from pink to purple to dark in just a few minutes and I got it all! I was so excited to see when I got home. Unfortunately, I just could not get the birds to be clear flying under the moon. Which gives me more reason to go back out tonight and try again.

I have to wake up with a purpose. If I don’t I will let my worrisome thoughts or anxiety just take over. If I focus on my purpose later or even create a purpose now then it helps me immensely. So my purpose now is to eat healthy food and sit outside and listen to the birds in my back yard. My purpose later is to get a photo of birds under the moon. I missed the eclipse because I was sleeping THANKFULLY!!!! I’m always glad to sleep!

Moon practice

Last night I went to the prairie to practice taking photographs of the moon. They turned out better than taking them with my ipad that is for sure!! But I need way more practice.

While out there I saw a falcon. She was gorgeous!!!!

There is also a bald eagle on the prairie now!

I was showing my husband the pictures and he said he was amazed I get any clear shots with my shaky hands.

Do you know I am so used to my hands shaking that I forget that they do.

And that made me even happier that in that moment, some pictures do come out clear, even with the tremor!

What’s funny is I yelled out to the cranes” Hey can someone fly in front of the moon!” And all of these tiny birds flew up right at that moment. They look like little specks in the picture. But I thought OK well the little birds speak Bethany but the cranes don’t. The things I think about while alone out there!

Heaven: a poem

Heaven has a lavender

More magnificent

Than any one thing

You’ve ever seen

It cannot be felt

Or described

By the heart

Or any words

I could write

I was shown a glimpse


Upon a dream

Just a moment

With the angel

An instant

A second

To see

What was to come

Any longer and my heart

It would have come undone

As if staring to long

At the sun

We just don’t know

THAT kind of love

But I saw it in the lavender


It’s sprinkled in small bits

On earth


Just not quite the same

It doesn’t have a name

You’ll see it in heaven

Just you wait!

Remember I told you

When you enter the gates!