Just one bird

This little bird made my day the moment I saw him. We could have left right then and I would have considered the trip out a success.

Just thought since everyone was posting New Year stuff I would end this year with some butterflies and this tiny bird!

7 thoughts on “Just one bird

  1. What a wonderful bird! Nice of him to sit still for your picture. I tried to get a picture earlier today of a huge raven, but he wasn’t having it. Then I saw a roadrunner, but he ran off before I could grab my camera.


    • I got one right before I walked out the door to visit the butterflies of a hawk outside my window. I learned to keep my camera close! I’d love to see your pictures! I almost missed the hawk. I got the camera and he gave me 1 shot and flew off

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    • Me either. Thats why he got his own little post due to his preciousness . It is considered a rainforest they created with butterflies naturally occur in there so maybe the birds too? I need to research it more

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