Out in the rain to counteract the depression

Today in Florida it is cold and raining. As much as I tried to counteract the depression that has fallen on me today, I could not. BUT I did not sit around and let it pull me under. I tried. I found this little bird. He was hopping down the road and he distracted me for about 20 minutes as I tried to photograph him. He was so camouflaged and so tiny. I could barely see him until I blew it up on my ipad. For 20 minutes I did not feel this depression. That matters. Thanks little bird!

13 thoughts on “Out in the rain to counteract the depression

    • Ugh it has stayed with me and it sucks. Thank you for understanding. I was proud of myself for the effort. I think the pain has gotten to me and affected my mood and the to-do-list has gotten too long and I overthought it all and got overwhelmed. The pain though is the big thing. I have way overdone with my body and it was hurting. B gave me a full body massage and that helped immensely to take the level down some so the cramping and spasming have stopped just pain. Muscle disease sucks

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      • Oh man, I tend to forget your pain. I’m so sorry. I wish I could do something to take it away. It’s good that a massage helps a little. God, pain is the worst and I can totally understand how that would bring on depression. And there is no escape from some pain, which of course makes it worse to even think about.


      • Right. Exactly. No escape. You have to sit with it. It feels like a tearing from the bone or a ripping. Like my hips and sacrum and shins and shoulderblades and neck. Everything feels like it is tearing. It’s pretty awful. And no meds touch it. I am on seizure meds and that is supposed to help pain and i added prescription ibuprofen in and a muscle relaxant. Nothing. Massage is only thing that calms it down and fortunately he was home but otherwise i have just locked myself in the room and said i need to be alone until the pain calms down.
        Thanks for mentioning it though and recognizing what i wrote


    • I wish i could describe him for you but i can’t. He was about the size of a golf ball but even maybe tinier. He blended in with the side of the road so he had tons of stripes all over and when i showed people they couldn’t even see him. He just camouflaged into the side of the road and the weeds there.


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