If you want me to crawl in the hole with you

I will

I will cradle you and cover you and protect you


That last leaf falls

On the hill

You want me to stay

As you wallow

In what was self made

And I have

For awhile

Listened to self hate

Years in this hole

With you

I have stayed

I watch as the yellow leaf

Gently floats to the ground

The mist rising

The cold settling


I untangled you from me

Tearing off all your self pity


What I was willing

To sacrifice

For someone

Never to change

Knowing you were not to blame

It’s just past time for me

To walk away.

19 thoughts on “Poetry

    • Thanks TS. Saw a cardinal today and thought of you. I never and I mean never see them in the winter. It was next to the bird I was photographing and I tried to take his picture but he was off like a light. I just posted the one little bird though.


      • Aaaah, it is SO COLD here! Hard not to be depressed. Bethany – I never saw that cardinal again – those trees are bare now and I try to see nests! We are halfway to Spring!! Tonight is another Supermoon, though we are cloudy here. Thank you for the birdie – and the warm thoughts! Back to you. TS

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  1. I love your poetry! I love that tree… I love painting them and drawing them. I think it is almost an obsession, lol… trees in swamps, prairies… Scary houses.

    Your poem sounds very freeing. Keep writing 😉 Keep using that camera. I am loving it

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    • Most of our trees are evergreens but some like maples lose their leaves. Many other varieties. But most don’t. So when I see one like this, it stands out to me. Even the live oaks that are green year round lose their leaves in the spring and get new ones and the are smooth and bendy green bright leaves whereas the old ones are a darker stiffer green. Sad I know this, i know!!!

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      • Not so sad. Interesting. I ignorantly just figured that if it’s hot all the time any tree would simply keep it’s leaves all year round. I’m used to the trees losing their leaves around here. Most change to pretty reds, oranges and yellows then drop off and get brown. One thing we used to do as kids was jump in the piles of leaves our parents would rake up. Fun stuff.


      • I took the one picture of the yellow leaf and the red leaf tree a week ago i think and it is somewhere on my post because we never or rarely have that. Like the live oaks the leaves just fall off. There is no color change of red or yellow.
        It must have been fun to jump in leaves though

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