The mist

My friend told me that on the prairie today were hundreds and hundreds of cranes. I am so happy that she messaged me. I was able to see this mist and the cold and all of the cranes. They filled up most of the prairie flying in more by the moment. I went to different areas to show how many there were but the pictures do not really convey the magnitude of birds. I’m just happy I had those few moments of awe of all of these birds. One moment at a time!

23 thoughts on “The mist

    • I saw them and cried. And then I gave them commentary as I sat there. Like ” guys make way I’m comin in hot! So make room it’s cold up here!” The things I say when I’m out with animals!
      It was more calming than I thought it would be. We just don’t often have this cold and the water that made a mist was so neat. It gave me some moments of calm. Thank you for appreciating them

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      • That’s so weird that you cried too. I wonder what it is about this? I have never cried at/about a photo. At least not that I can remember.

        What was the temp there today?
        It’s gotten into the single digits at night here this week. I has been a long time since it’s been THAT cold here. It’s gotten to the single digits in New England though during the day so, wow, so glad I’m not that far north.


      • There was something about it. I don’t know what it was. The moment I drove up I started to cry when I saw it. The mist and all of them together. It felt like…..hmm…safe…home…like everything was ok. Maybe all of them together touched us in some way. They were all together and welcoming anyone and everyone.
        Right now it is 21 degrees outside. Cold as shit!

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      • The together thing, yeah, that would make sense. It’s ‘been a long time since I’ve felt like I was part of a ‘family’ and actually being present together.

        21 degrees is insane for that part of the country is it not? Do you get this kind of weather every winter?

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      • Never. It is never this cold for this long and it looks like it will be this cold throughout the week. I just had to get my teeth cleaned and i was so worried my muscles would cramp being cold but they put me in a heated massage chair. I mean really. I was shocked. I love these people. If only everyone were as nice as my dentist…and you…

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  1. What a great surprise! wonder where they’re headed for? By the way. what is that thing that almost looks like an elephant in the background of the first photo? We have Canadian geese here but they tend to stay in Ohio. Maybe this 0 degree weather will change their minds. I’ve put my walker over my holly bush to hold a sheet over it.

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    • It is the little things. Today I had to get my teeth cleaned. That is very ….something….I get upset and stressed and nervous. But my dentist and her hygentist are wonderful. The dentist hugs me and holds my hand and kisses my cheek and is just so compassionate and the hygentist was just so kind. And those things matter. People who try to be kind when they could be gruff if they wanted to but are not. I appreciate that so much.

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      • They are fitting me with something to wear incase i have any nighttime seizures that will protect my teeth. they will also help my jaw and the trigeminal neuralgia which is nerve pain in my face. It is supposed to. It cost a lot of money but i got the molds done today to make it so i really hope it helps. After that she will do invisalign to straighten my teeth so that if i have seizures the crooked ones won’t bash each other and crack. I chipped a tooth a little on the last seizure i had


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