Sunset in the COLD of Florida

I wondered if my new camera would pick up the pinks and the oranges and the blues of the sky. The fluffiness of the clouds and the cold of the prairie. It DID.

I went to the dentist earlier today. I like to end my day with something that feels good.

What’s funny is the dentist made me feel good! She is so loving and compassionate. She makes me feel like everything I feel matters to her because it DOES. She is freaking awesome. After I left I was like…..welll….don’t need to end today on a good note because I already had a good note. Then I saw the sun setting and the clouds and thought…hey…why not leave it on two good notes!!!!!!

So I went out and sat in the road and took some pictures in the 20 degree weather with the wind gusting!!!!! It was refreshing. And the pictures captured what the sky really showed.

There is ONE donkey. I was TOLD that these donkeys were not the friendliest and well. They are not. I was determined to give a little love so he got a tiny pat and then I backed away, took his picture and sat back in my warm car and called it a day.

28 thoughts on “Sunset in the COLD of Florida

      • Lol.
        I saw something just now about lizards falling out of trees from the cold? I didn’t read it, I just saw the headline. It was one of those things you see when you sign out of email. I didn’t want to get caught up in a bunch of news articles so I didn’t click through. But I thought, “Aw, poor little guys, this is not good for them.

        We got a bunch more snow today. It snowed for hours and I have seen no plows or salt trucks. Schools were closed all over the area.


      • They’re probably frozen!!!!!! When we walk out of the back door they jump on us. They can barely move the are so cold. They are sunning themselves on the deck. I wonder wy they are falling out of trees though.
        Schools closed here because they THOUGHt it MAY snow. It didn’t. How do you even get out when it snows? How do you drive? I guess in my scooter or wheelchair i’d be stuck in indefinitely. I’d get cabin fever bad not being able to go out!

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      • The lizards, I think they are getting paralyzed (?) from the cold. I think I caught that too. I should look it back up. I’m more curious now.

        As for the snow and getting out…since we’re in an area that gets it most winters, the townships have plows and salt trucks.

        The salt trucks spread the salt from a chute in the back onto the roads so they don’t freeze over or if they’ve already done so, the salt melts it.

        I’m not sure what the deal is in this twp, they seem to wait til it stops and even then some of the backroads (?) don’t get plowed.

        The front of the apartment is on a main road and I believe gets plowed and salted. The back of the apartment is on a residential road and I have not seen a plow on it since we moved here. (This is our second winter here.)

        However, the snow does get packed down from the cars so it’s not too bad to drive on.

        In the twp we lived before this, we lived on a small residential road and the plows were out while it was still snowing and they go down even the small roads. That’s a money issue. The richer the twp, the better the services…usually. Lol.

        But then whether the plowing is good or bad is a matter of perspective. The plows’ blades are angled to push the snow off to the side so any car parked on the curb, gets “plowed in.”

        I got snowed in to our alley once and couldn’t get out so after that, when they called for snow, I’d park out front. And my car would get plowed in. We had to shovel it out and you’d see others doing the same. It’s a pain. Driveways, sidewalks and front walkways all need to be shoveled.

        Depending on how much snow you’d get would depend on how stranded you’d be in your scooter. It can melt fast if the following days are warmer, which does happen here sometimes. But it was 13 freaking degrees when I got up this morning. So the snow got hard and icy, making it harder to shovel. But the roads are clear now because, like I said, the twp trucks took care of that.

        I used to live close to a DOT (department of transportation) station when I was younger, and I remember in the beginning of one winter, if you drove up to it from the intersection, you could see piles…no mountains of salt…there for the coming snow.

        When I was a kid, we used to go sledding. One house we lived in, you could sled right down the middle of the street. That was a blast. Then another house, we had a hill right out back. Our dog loved it. He’d catch snowballs in the air and dig tunnels.

        A fun memory I have is with my family at the last house my parents lived at together. We were all there for some occassion…likely my mother’s birthday and it started snowing while we were all there. I went out to my car for some reason and picked up some snow to make a snow ball.

        I threw at the picture window and everyone was sitting at the dining room table and looked real quick to see what had hit the window. They then all got up and came outside and we had a snow ball fight. That was a lot of fun. We were all adults at that point. I was probably in my 30s.

        So how’s that for a rambling answer to your question. Lol.


      • I can only imagine how fun it would be to sled. It would be like flying !!! I bet the dogs loved it. Jess would have loved catching snow balls.
        That memory you shared is freaking wonderful. That’s one of those memories that stays with you forever.
        I never thought about a car getting plowed in. And having to shovel it out. I guess I would be stuck there! Or maybe a neighbor would shovel a person’s car that had a disability?
        Does the salt damage or rust the cars like people have that live near the beach with the salt air?

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      • Yeah, the salt is damaging to most things. The landlady won’t put it down on the driveway because it tears up the macadam. (She uses kitty litter, lol.) Some ppl keep cat litter in the trunk of their car in case they get stuck and spin wheels.

        We get horrendous pot holes in the winter time from all the plowing and salt.

        I have seen cars snowed in and stay there til it all melts. I think some neighbors would help someone. Not all of course and in most cases I think you’d have to ask. We used to shovel B’s mom’s walk and her sidewalk.

        Early on, the neighbor across the street had a snow blower and he cleaned off our sidewalk a couple times. Those things would be great to get around a car too.

        I would’ve shoveled you out back then. Now with my herniated disk and weight gain, that could be difficult.

        Jess would have loved the snow I think. He was a lab no? He may have dug a few tunnels as well. It’s fun to watch dogs in the snow that like it, especially ones that have never seen it.


      • Yes he was a lab hound mix. He used to love carrying things in his mouth and catching things. He would never retrieve a ball thrown but loved to just catch them or anything in his mouth

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  1. The donkey might not be the friendliest but s/he takes a real good picture. πŸ™‚
    I love the background in that photo too.

    Your sky pics always make me think of that song along with the video, “Big Country.” Did you used to watch MTV? They played that one a lot.


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