Mindful adventures in nature finale

Being mindful is being in the moment. Living right then and there and just absorbing all of the breeze, colors of the birds, sounds of the wind in the leaves and water lilies. It also means knowing your body and listening to it when it says I’M OVER COLD. It hit me about a mile away from the car so I put it into full speed and we zipped down the trail. I knew then I was overly cold and my muscles were being overly exerted. The gravel road was hard to maneuver with the handle bars and I was being jostled around too much. BUT I must say it was worth the end moments of our trip, and everything in between.

We saw a group of birds ahead. I thought one was pink. Each had a long yellow or black bill but this one was pink. I thought maybe it was a spoonbill which I am fascinated by! And it WAS. As we were going up to him we saw some white birds with black trimmed wings fly above. I got their picture too. By the time we got into the car I assumed I would not be able to move. And I was right. I made it 5 steps in the house and lay there on the floor for an hour unable to even look at the pictures I took. With this muscle disease when my muscles decide they are done, they are done. They will not move. I cannot make them move at all. So I just lay patiently and wait until they work again. Which I did. I had my daughter take a picture of me as she was painting her nails and my husband was making dinner so you can see the real life of muscle disease consequences when I overdo, which I did. I’m so excited to now sit here though and look at my pictures and share them with you. I hope they bring you the calm and peace and joy they brought us.

There was just something about seeing all of those birds together that touched me. None of them were the same. All kinds of birds all coexisting, eating, being together. It was a beautiful thing to see. I mean though….that pink bird right!!!! But then no one acted like he was somehow special, different, because he got to be pink. Nope. I watched them. They were all equals. We can learn from these birds.

15 thoughts on “Mindful adventures in nature finale

  1. I love this so much!! I hate to admit it but after the holidays I’ve really been hibernating in a bad way and missing so much of life going by. This is such a beautiful reminder of how much good there is out there if we just take a minute to look! I hope you’re feeling better and got a chance to warm up!! All my northern friends want to slap me when I say it’s cold in Florida lol but it actually IS right now!! Today was a bit warmer though at least! I love winter here but last week was too cold for comfort! …guess I’m not moving back up north any time soon lol!


    • It is so hard on my muscles when they get cold. Ive heard people up north will say it feels colder here in the 30s than there at 0. I dont know because ive never been out of florida when its cold.
      Im laying low today. Resting. Having a hard time moving at all.
      I just reblogged one of your blogs in hopes more can read up on al of our research. Hope thats alright with you.
      Sorry you are in a bad way!

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      • I appreciate that so much, thank you so much! I think it’s very accurate that it feels colder here when it’s technically warmer, I’ve never figured out why but I was just in 11 degree weather that didn’t feel as cold as even 40 here! I am so sorry that it affects you so badly! I know you deal with so much pain without that adding to it. The chatter I’ve heard says it will warm up soon and for where you are, I’m really praying that is true!!!!!

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  2. The pink spoonbill looks amazing. I’ve never even heard of that. I’m sorry you got too cold and your muscles wouldn’t work anymore. You must have had a lot of pain too. You have a lot of grit and determination, which I admire.


    • He was so spectacular !!!! I was so excited to see him. Like ridiculously excited!
      I still can hardly move.
      My muscles got too cold and the gravel road was too bumpy in my scooter. The pain is awful. Feeling a bit defeated today so thank you for your sweet comments

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      • Our yard has been full of amazing birds lately. Not as amazing as your Florida birds, but amazing to me. I saw a bluejay this morning. I can’t remember how many years it’s been since i saw one of those! Hearing the birds sing early in the mornings makes me so happy.

        A couple of years ago, we had a Myna bird hanging around our yard. He would say “Hi Hi Hi!” and I would always say “Hi Hi Hi” back to him.

        One evening I was trying to quietly sneak into the house without waking my stepdaughter’s three dogs. Suddenly I heard “Hi Hi Hi!” followed by furious barking! Lol!


      • How precious is that!!!
        You have such wonderful moments i am so glad you share them.
        I haven’t seen a blue jay in a long time. I think that may be my new mission. I already had cardinal on my list so I will add blue jay. It gives me a reason to go out and be mindful. I will try that tomorrow. Thank you for sharing that with me. I will have to look up myna bird too

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      • I think the myna was someone’s escaped pet, because they are indigenous to India, not New Mexico.

        We live a few miles from something that bird watchers call a “migratory trap.” Our giant backyard Japanese Elm is the tallest tree in town, so a lot of the migrating birds stop here on their way to and from the trap.

        A few years ago, I was cleaning dog poops out of the yard, standing under our big tree, when suddenly I heard the unmistakable sound of a rattlesnake. I froze. Looked all around. Where could it be? It sounded so close! I still heard the rattler warning, but I did not see a snake anywhere.

        It sounded louder, sounded like it was right above me…. Oh dear Lord, do rattlers climb trees? I looked up and there, directly above my head, were two mockingbirds! I had previously heard them mimicking the sound of a cell phone ringing, but a rattlesnake was new to me!

        They cocked their heads, looked at me, then looked at each other like “Ha! We really got her good!”


      • That is incredible!
        The beautiful tall tree. I would love to see it and the migratory birds.
        And the little mimickers!!!!
        I’ve heard crows sound like crying babies.
        Birds truly amaze me.

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      • Aww, that’s nice.

        My grandchildren call me “Mammy,” because my firstborn grandchild could not pronounce “Grammy,” which is what I had asked to be called. But I like “Mammy” better.

        Now that my oldest granddaughter is about to graduate with her master’s in social anthropology from Harvard, I was curious, when i went to see her in August, what she would call me. But she still calls me “Mammy.” That makes me happy.


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