Goats and birds and sunsets

I had quite the bout of trigeminal neuralgia which does not appear to be gone this morning even after I applied lidocaine patches to the entire area. It is extreme nerve pain that comes out of nowhere shooting up my neck and into three areas of my face.

I forget how I look sometimes going out and will be in my puffy hat or my husband’s 30 year old sweat suit he wore after swim lessons or patches all over my face. The funny thing is that the people I run into when I am out looking photographing or petting the animals never say a word. Then I get home and think…how cool they said nothing about THIS! My daughter took a picture of me in the hallway wearing her hello kitty pants and a sweatshirt that I honestly forgot I was wearing when I went around the block in my wheelchair. I took the photo of myself in the mirror wearing my husbands all blue suit. And this hat! I really do need something more colorful!!! I get cold though so I just pile on the clothes, toss on the pain patches and go!

Fortunately there are others that just don’t mind what I am wearing and just let me be warm. My neighbors have become used to my attire and I guess so have the farm owners now which is pretty cool.

So below, for your entertainment is the forget how I look side of me.

Above are the pictures I took last night. I was given the gate code to visit the baby goats and I was thrilled. They were so very precious. On the way back I met my friend on the prairie for a few minute chat and I photographed a loggerhead shrike bird which I learned kills is food on the barbed wire and comes and eats it later. I was pretty shocked about that! I may have to find another bird to photograph now. I may perhaps be done with this cute little vicious guy. Either way it is fun to o out and see what I can see through the lens. It did take my mind off the pain for a little while.

27 thoughts on “Goats and birds and sunsets

  1. Hope the pain is settling. You are beautiful…who cares about the wrappings, it’s the gifts inside, right? Loved the photos of nature. Cannot get over the diversity around you. Amazing. I love goats … full of fun and mischief! Take good care. New post up today.
    much love 🌻
    P.S. I have messed up my email settings and blog subscriptions by accident…just in case you try emailing…I will resolve tonight hopefully! xxx


      • Hello, Thank you. I found it hidden in another file. I have replied. No expectation to reply…I understand…Just take good care of yourself. Email if you need to. I hope your pain has receded. Thinking of you, lovely lady. πŸ’—πŸ’•πŸ’—

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      • I am sorry the pain is ongoing. I really feel for you. People will understand. When a blog becomes popular, it is always going to be very hard to keep up with responding. More so, with illness. No one will expect you to worry about this. You have to put your needs first. Everyone will understand. Your health comes first…take the pressure off…it will ease your mind so much. πŸ’—

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  2. You’re so beautiful inside and out. I’m so proud of you. I’m loving the picture of you and the butterfly. Regina came for a visit and she comforted you and was there for you. I’m so glad. I love you and have a great day. Are you guys getting snow?

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  3. My husband won’t go downstairs to get a package if he is just in sweatpants!! I throw a coat over my pajmas and go get it. Lol It is important to keep warm. The blue suit looks better than my Mimmie Mouse p.j.s. I love goats rtoo. There is a goat fsrm about an hour from here where you can feed them.

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  4. You look beautiful to me. I use the lidocaine patches when I can but they give me a nasty rash sometimes so I have to stop. If you want something to scare the neighbours take a look at what I have on my face LOL! I love your goatalicious pictures too. I hope you have a great day x


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