I’m thinking of changing the name of my blog

Originally my blog was titled not my secret for a reason that will always be a part of why I write. But the “overcoming the shame of sexual abuse” is nolonger where I am. I overcame the shame a long time ago. I have not overcome or recovered from the abuse. But having “sexual abuse ” in the title of my blog may be triggering for someone.

I’m thinking of changing the title to NOT MY SECRET…The journey towards healing from abuse.

Any ideas? Like it? Hate it? Think I shouldn’t change it? Think I should?

Suggestions ?

Thank you!

45 thoughts on “I’m thinking of changing the name of my blog

  1. It’s your blog to do as your wish. In my honest opinion … I think you may be right with the trigger issue. Also if that is not how you want to be “categorized” when someone sees the title of your blog without forming a fair opinion I would say maybe change it. I hope this maybe helps?… hey if it doesn’t work out you can always change it back. 🤗

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  2. I’m a big believer in the idea that creativity is a process, rather than something that happens all at once. Part of that process is allowing yourself to change your mind as much as you want.

    I think I have similar issues with my own blog. I want there to be a core theme (autism), but I also want to be able write about whatever I fancy writing about, and somehow I want it all to hang together as a whole. I feel comfortable with my current solution which is the subtitle “humor and other opinions of an autistic man, diagnosed in adulthood”. Feel free to adapt that to your own needs. Maybe something like “poetry and other opinions of a sexual abuse survivor”. Hope that’s useful in some way. 😊

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    • Yes. I am the same. I started with a core thought in mind and then integrated my entire being into my blog from experiences, stories, poetry, day to day life, ptsd, a little bit of this and that. I changed the title though. I didn’t want the sexual abuse in there because I didn’t want it to trigger others .
      Plus this journey towards healing is all of the inbetween that I write about.
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I’ve been reading your blog and I really like how it incorporates many thoughts.
      I wasn’t diagnosed with ptsd or Tourette syndrome until adulthood either although Iknew it was always there just didnt have a name

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    • I altered it for now and one day it may just be that. I contemplated that actually , it was my first thought, then I liked journey because I am on one. Idk. It could change as I evolve!!!! Thanks for your input though! Truly appreciated

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    • I can’t believe I nver noticed it until I decided to sort through 2000 emails I had ignored. I was looking at the titles and some really gave me immediate reaction in my body that I didn’t like. It wasn’t the person’s fault but it was triggering. I’m so sorry for that, that I did that to you and anyone else. Hoping the change will be ok since it is moving forward and I took the one word out.
      I was noticing that after I would read some blogs I would feel more pain and I thought, hmm some of this must bring up too much too fast for me. Just noticing. Noticing how others make me feel made me realize how I may make someone feel.
      I’m glad you like the change!
      Thank you for the feedback


  3. I like the change. You have changed. You have grown as a person. I think the new title reflects that.

    Years ago, I had a blog called, “Tales from a Loser.” I wanted it to be a humorous blog about all the crazy mistakes I made, like burning dinner or making an ugly craft. People like it and I made some good friends there. I didn’t feel like a loser anymore so I changed the name to, “Flower Child of the Sixties,” or something like that. My friends told me they were glad I did it because I wasn’t a loser.

    I quit writing that blog when my granson died. I couldn’t see the funny in life at that time. I was grieving. When I felt like writing again, I only felt like writing about God. I still feel that way and I’m happy with that choice.

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