Dark poetry

I watched myself sleeping

Through the eye of the moon

I listen to

My best poetry


In my night time



In the day’s light

I hover

Wishing to shake me


Leave I yell

Leave that place

But I can’t hear

So I stay

In the nightmare

Of water

Drowning in those same waves

The same names

The same mask

On a different face

I watch myself

Through the eye of the moon


Maybe tonight

Nana will sing me her tune

I will see her

Instead of my own


Being used

19 thoughts on “Dark poetry

    • It was about my sleep last night. It was a weird night. The moon had a red ring around it so I took a picture of it and then I knew a poem would come and this morning one came about my night where I felt like I was just watching myself sleep wanting to wake myself up from my nightmare. And oddly i’ve been sleep walking. I have no idea what is going on!
      Thank you for liking my poem

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