My husband, who is out of town for two months, came home to grocery shop today…He told me that the whole yard was full of birds. I opened the door and they flew away. He encouraged me to go out in the yard and they would come back. And they DID. It was a glorious, only word that can describe it, moment in time. All of the robins flew back and landed all around me. There were blue jays, cardinals, a hawk flying above. I just lay flat in the leaves and watched them and then photographed them and then watched them some more. What a gift my husband gave me encouraging me to go out there. He said he could not believe the birds that were surrounding me. I won’t forget it!!!

4 thoughts on “Robins

    • I wanted to video them all singing but then I would have had to go get my ipad i was so still worried they would all fly away but their voices were wonderful. I actually thought of you and how you would love to hear them all singing.


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